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“I wanted to write to thank you for an excellent session, and compliment you on your professionalism and smartness. It was one of the best healing experiences I ever had. I feel excellent, and the day after the session, felt quite liberated.”
Anne Ruth

“Working with Harriet on The Journey has been an amazing experience and has been and continues to be of remarkable benefit to me. I feel much happier and have recovered from a whole range of personal issues. I am very grateful to Harriet for her patience and understanding and for providing such a safe and trusting environment to work in.”


“Thank you so much for all the support you gave me during my journey. I really appreciated the way you made it such a safe space and were totally non judgmental. This obviously made me feel 100% comfortable to really explore my stuff.”


“I am really thankful to Harriet. The rapport between us helped me to go through the process spontaneously. I thank her for her warmth, attention and guidance.”


“I feel cleansed, and a real sense of coherence - despite being in the midst of some great emotional upheaval at present, I'm at peace. So thank you.”


“I was so grateful to see Harriet for a Journey session shortly after the loss of my Mum. Harriet is a deeply sincere and patient practitioner to work with. She very gently guided me through what became an incredibly powerful experience. Her natural sense of compassion makes her an ideal partner along any journey of deep transformation. So much weight was lifted from my heart as a result of my session. I would recommend Harriet's work as a shining example of the healing potential of the Journey method.”