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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Journey sessions should I have ?
Some people feel they need only one Journey process to clear an issue. For physical health problems, major emotional issues, or for a really good spring clean, it is beneficial to have a series of sessions. There may be different layers to a particular issue, and in a few sessions these can be cleared out at a very deep level.

I have heard of the Emotional and the Physical Journey process. What type of Journey can I have in a session with you ? 
A Journey process with a practitioner is usually in the form of a ‘Designer’ Journey, which includes elements of both the physical and emotional Journey processes. I also use other tools to help you to open and to have the most healing experience. 

Another process, the Abundance Journey process is designed to uncover and clear out the blocks that stop you from achieving your goals and ambitions, be it in love, work, friendship or wealth. It’s an amazing process and if you are interested in having one, do get in touch.

What type of process do you use when working with a child or a teenager ? 
 With children and teenagers, we use the 'kids journey process', which is very similar to the adults Physical Journey process. Children as young as five have used the process with wonderful results. These sessions usually last between one and two hours. We start by having a chat and i explain how the process will work, and then we go straight into it. For more information on doing the Journey with children and teens do get in touch or read 'The Journey for Kids' by Brandon Bays.